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Aruba Natural Bridge

Aruba’s north coast is decorated with several arches that are carved from the limestone coastline of the island. One of the most popular of these was the one located just before the Andicuri beach. This bridge had a height of approximately 25 feet and had a span of about 10 feet long before it collapsed on the 2nd of September 2005. It was one of Aruba’s must-see natural wonders as you can snap beautiful pictures on the white sandy beaches with the bridge spanning across the background. Nowadays you can still visit the site to see its baby bridge that span right next to it.  

Next to the gazing at the natural structure there is plenty to discover and experience at the Natural Bridge. One of the first thing you can see is the history of how the island was formatted. When looking on the beach of the smaller bridge, you can see the black volcanic rocks which the oldest part of the island to form. On top of this black rock, you would be able to see how the limestone formed when the island was still submerged under the Caribbean waters. If you look closely, you can spot fossils of big brain coral, fan corals and even a clam stuck in the ground.  

What is Definity not being mentioned enough is how serene the area right next to the baby bridge can be. It is your real-life meditation app with the choppy Caribbean waters crashing on the limestone coastline creating giant spray of salty water that fills the air. You might lose track of time by admiring natures beauty but will leave all relaxed and at peace.  

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