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The Casibari Rock Garden

The Casibari Rock garden is located towards to center of Aruba. The public rock garden holds a collection of giant boulders that normally decorates Aruba’s landscape.  These boulders, whose main component is tonalite, can be found in all shapes and sizes. If you ever wonder how these giants were formed than you would have to go back many years back in time. They formed when the tectonic plates in the Caribbean shifted where magna escaped and slowly cooled in cylinder-shape right underneath the earth. With time, the ground around the rocks eroded and exposing these giants in the landscape.  

Today the Casibari rock garden let visitors explore these giant boulders and capture their different shapes and sizes. Most are drawn to climb the bigger boulder that sits in the middle of the garden. But don’t forget to explore the rest of the rocks. Snap a picture with the balancing rock that is located at the most southeast corner of the garden. Or climb up to the second highest boulder at Casibari to get a great background of both the bigger boulder as well as the Haystack hill. If you still have time and energy to keep exploring the garden, then you need to walk around towards the back and snap serene picture at this Lion King rock. 

There is so much nature to be experienced at the Casibari Rock garden. You will hear the troupial signing between the cactus and trees and see how they decorate them with their beautiful bright orange colors. In between the rocks towards the southwest side of the garden you can sometimes spot a family of the Aruban burrowing owl. Don’t be surprised if you cannot spot them immediately as they blend in very well between the rocks and sandy surroundings.  Be careful when exploring this area of the garden so you don’t get too close to their nest as they do appreciate their space. Walking around the park you will surely spot the lagadishi and cododo speeding between the rocks. These tiny lizards can blend in with their brown colors or stand out with their bright blue-green color.  

There is so much to see and experience at this tiny garden. If you use your imagination there are plenty to discover between the rocks. From an alligator mouth to hearts-shape are a few to be spotted at Casibari. Join us on a tour and come explore the Casibari rock garden with us.